What Does Your Office Space Say About YOU?

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If you’re a new small business owner, perhaps one of the things you’re looking forward to is the simple pleasure of having your very own desk, in your very own office space in Scottsdale, for your very own thriving company. Sounds exciting, right? Perhaps you’ve even called Advantage Office Suites to discuss leasing your own executive office in Scottsdale AZ, and you can’t wait to move in. Well, before you start investing in paperweights and picture frames, perhaps you’d like some insight on just what your workspace says about you, and the message it send to your employees and customers. Whether intentional or not, every single thing in your office declares a statement about you, and can affect how employees and customers interact with you.

Wait, are we friends?

Things like a candy dish, pictures of family and pets, a sturdy and comfy guest chair or two, and thriving plants all indicate that your office is an inviting place to meet and talk. Whereas a flimsy guest chair (that may or may not be covered in files), a desk chair that faces away from the door, pictures of items rather than people, and no plants send the signal that employees or customers should move right along.

Wanna play?

As an adult, you get the privilege of still having toys around, but now you get to call them “décor.” However, while the Bernie Sanders bobblehead and the Rubik’s Cube are fun, your desk might not be the best place for them. This is especially true if your job requires you to be sensible, responsible, and trustworthy, as toys and games might not inspire those feelings from others. That being said, though, if creativity and spontaneity are big parts of your job requirement, then a few well-placed gizmos might fit in nicely.

I’m serious.

Putting your framed diplomas and certifications on the wall in your executive office in Scottsdale AZ and academic books on the shelf sends the signal that you’d like to be esteemed by everyone who walks through your door. Even the name plate you choose matters. One that displays just your first name signals friendliness. One that lists your full name plus a formal title makes it clear you want respect.

But I know where everything is!

Sure, a tidy and organized workspace sends positive images to customers. However, a desk that is too organized and sterile can be intimidating, or worse yet, according to a study by PR Newswire, makes others suspicious of you. It can indicate that you lack imagination or empathy.

And, of course, if your executive office space in Scottsdale AZ is consumed by heaps of files, stacks of papers, clothing, and partially-eaten food remains, this sends an immediate sign to others that their documents, their business, and their trust may not be safe with you. It can indicate that you have trouble concentrating on your work, or that you don’t respect your business.

At Advantage Office Suites, your executive office in Scottsdale AZ is waiting for you to decorate and customize in whichever way you want. Whether you lease your office for 6 months or several years, we have a leasing option that will work for you, your business, and your budget. Call 480-305-2000 today and schedule a time to come by and take a look – your office chair is waiting.


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