3 Tricks for Remembering Names During Business Meetings

tricks for remembering names

tricks for remembering namesImagine this: You’re at a business meeting, sitting in a conference room and all new faces are surrounding you. You have a good point you want to make, but you can’t seem to remember anyone’s name. It would be rude to direct a comment towards someone without formally addressing them. What do you do?

Well, the answer is as easy as remembering people’s names. Here are three simple tricks for remembering names, so that the next time a name is said, you can remember it and seamlessly jump into the conversation.

1. Repeat Their Name

If you hear someone’s name being used, repeat the name silently to yourself, over and over again. Repeating names can help you remember them because it will become almost like muscle-memory for your brain. It’s the same thing as using flashcards to study. If you say something to yourself a number of times, eventually the word or phrase will start to stick.

Don’t be afraid of getting the name wrong, either. Try writing it down when repeating it to yourself. Seeing the name and hearing it in your head will give you the confidence you need to address that person by their name. Once you say it aloud, you likely won’t forget it again.

2. Use Word Association

A business meeting can involve a lot of presentations, or someone else who is doing all the talking. Take some of this downtime to try and create word associations for peoples’ names. It can help you remember names, and maybe even a fun way to help pass the time.

Word association is when you relate a word or a phrase to something else in order to spark your memory. For instance, if a woman’s name is Shelly, you can relate that to your love for seashells. Another example would be if a man’s name is Peter, you can associate that with the children’s story of Peter Pan. It sounds weird, but it really can help you remember little details, such as names.

3. Make a Personal Connection

Making a personal connection between someone’s name and someone else in your life can be the best way to remember a name. For instance, if the man’s name is Maxwell, perhaps you have a brother named Max, too. Or if you are sitting next to a woman named Samantha, maybe you have a cat named Sam.

Okay, these connections don’t always have to be so personal, but you get the idea. Chances are, you won’t even have to try to make these kinds of connections, as your subconscious might do it automatically. You can even make light conversation with the person and tell them that your loved one has the same name. It’s a good way to break the ice and lessen the tension of a business meeting where you are in an unfamiliar conference room with new people.

Using these tools to remember everyone’s names at your next meeting will be extremely beneficial. People like to be addressed personally and these tips will help with just that.


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