Tax Tips for Your Small Business in Scottsdale AZ

As if Tax Day wasn’t stressful enough already.

As it is, Americans can turn into little balls of tension this time of year; we lose sleep, we get stress-headaches, and we even get into more frequent car accidents. As a small business owner, you can enjoy a double-helping of the Tax Day stress thanks to the double (triple!) amount of work. And if this tax season wasn’t your finest hour, consider it a hit-home life lesson in what to do, or not to do, for next April. You probably have your own checklist of dos and don’ts for 2019 taxes (hypothetically speaking, maybe don’t keep the pile of receipts so close to the shredding pile next time), but Advantage Office Suites your Scottsdale Office Suites for Rent Location has our own tax tips that can help you and your business next year.

Get some defined space, in a Scottsdale Office Suite

Unfortunately, small businesses have a greater chance of being selected for an audit (2.5% of small businesses are selected, versus 1% of the general population). One reason for this could be because the lines between personal and work can blur so easily when you’re a small business owner; even more so when you have a home office. Utilizing our Scottsdale office suites as your work space puts firm boundaries in place for tax purposes, as well as for your own mental health, work productivity, organization, and gives you room to grow. Better yet, our Phoenix virtual office services, such as professional and personalized phone service, mail and package handling, and storage of materials, can allow you “office space” while you work from anywhere you choose.

Get organized

If tax season found you scrambling to find receipts and figure out valid deductions, the key might be for you to have April 15th, 2019 on the forefront of your mind every week. This year is still young, and right now is a great time to put some techniques in place to make next tax day a piece of cake.  Keep a tax checklist in plain sight all year long (here’s one we like: and refer to it often. Keeping organized can be as simple as buying a dozen folders, and putting each tax-related item into the folder for that month. Schedule out an hour a month to make sure you’re keeping up-to-date with tax preparation.  And for general small-business organization help, check out the programs highlighted here We’re excited to try #5 ourselves.

Get smart

Maintaining a firm grasp on what can, and can’t, be deducted helps keep the guesswork at bay. For example, car mileage and maintenance can be deducted, but only the percentage of miles that were actually used for work purposes. Also, you can deduct work-related meals, but only 50%, and stay away from the steakhouse filet mignon.  Find some additional guidance on how, and what, to deduct here:

At Advantage Office Suites, we are so excited to be an integral part of your business success in 2018 by offering you Phoenix office space. Come check out our beautiful office suites in person, and see our Phoenix virtual office services in action. Our Scottsdale office suites and virtual offices can help make every day, including next tax season, a lot more enjoyable, organized, and successful. Call 480-305-2000 today for a no-obligation tour.


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