Scottsdale Business Owner Tip: Should You Be Streaming?

scottsdale business owner video streaming

As a Scottsdale business owner, you know that technology has long played a hugely significant role in your success. And you also realize that keeping current with various digital trends, while still striving to maintain a personal relationship with your customers, is a challenging act of balance. With that in mind, if you’ve never broken into the world of live streaming videos, it may just prove to be the leg-up you’ve been needing for your business.

Why live streaming?

It’s cost-effective. Customers can easily share it. It gives your business a more personal and relatable feel. And, most importantly, it’s what your customers want. Business Wire reported last month that over two-thirds of consumers globally (67%) have watched, or streamed, live video. And from this group, 64% have interacted with advertising such as visiting the website of a featured product or clicking on an ad. And when it comes to distributing the information you want your customers to know, 80% say they would rather watch a video than read information on your website. In fact, live streaming video is expected to soar to a $70.5 billion industry by 2021. Today’s consumer appears to have less interest in generic and impersonal marketing and is drawn to a more personalized approach.

So how do you do it?

There are a surprising number of avenues through which your business can employ streaming. While there are far too many suggestions and things to know to list here, the website has a helpful and comprehensive list of live streaming tools and instructions – check it out here:

Now what?

Many small businesses find success when streaming video of their product in action. Perhaps you can try streaming a video of your product demonstrations or a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Hold a live Q&A session regarding your business and your products. Stream big announcements, company updates, or deals and promotions. 

Where are you?

Don’t forget to consider your streaming location. Streaming your video from your dining room table may not convey the level of professionalism you’re seeking. Rather, consider our Scottsdale offices for rent, with our luxurious furnishings and well-lit rooms. You’ll have all the space, time, and privacy you need, with the relaxed and professional atmosphere that will help you, and your video, to shine. Your product deserves the chance to be seen and be sold, and streaming live video can provide that chance. Let our day offices in Phoenix help you to excel in one of the top business trends of 2018 by offering you the perfect environment for your live streaming video productions.

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