Plan Your Summer, Business-Style

So what are your summer plans? We’re not talking barbecues on the patio, pool parties, or trips, but rather your summer business plans. Have you decided what your summer strategy will be? Or developed a summer marketing plan? This deserves some consideration, since depending on the nature of your business, summer can be a slower time as clients may go on vacation or simply put off new projects. And with the official start of summer looming next month, there is no time to lose for you to plan and launch your summer business strategies. And in case you could use some inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas of ways you can help turn these hot months into a productive period for your business.

Incentives, promotions, and swag – oh my!

Summer is generally a more relaxed and fun season, so play on that with your marketing. Consider a Memorial Day swag giveaway of mini bottles of sunscreens, kids’ sand toys, mesh bags for wet swim suits, or a water bottle – all with your business’ logo, of course (we recommend spending the extra few dollars for swag that won’t break the first time it’s used). Or ramp up interest with promotions for existing customers who conduct business in the months of June and July, and/or those who refer a friend. Or one of our favorite ideas: pick a well-attended festival and hand out popsicles with flyers or coupons to the hundreds of potential customers there.

Consider a move-out. 

Summer might bring a substantial increase in activity to your home (hello, summer break), which will make it much harder to conduct business. Our Phoenix office suites can offer the solution you need. Our luxurious, quiet and comfortable day offices and meeting rooms for rent offer just the right environment to facilitate productivity. And with our professional mail and telephone-handling service we think you’ll wonder how you ever conducted business without us.

Like this.

Expanding your social media presence is an effective way to draw attention and activity to your business. And if you throw an online giveaway into the mix, chances are you can generate a huge increase in potential customers. Find a list here ( ) of several websites that can help you get your online promotions going.

Take a business staycation.

If, despite your best efforts, your summer business traffic is just plan S-L-O-W, you can still capitalize on this time and tackle that “someday soon” list. You know – the list that holds promises of organized tax files, updated customer contact information, and fresh product ideas. If the summer months prove to be a time of an unavoidable sales slump, it might be a perfect excuse to perform some business maintenance and development. Then, come your busy season, you’ll be able to focus on your customers, sales, and employees. Consider bringing your business maintenance and development to our Phoenix rental offices. We have the space, the professional and success-inspiring atmosphere, and the amenities you want to help you be the most organized and successful business owner you can be.

Come in and talk to Romeo or call 480.305.2000 about summer promotions and start your business summer off right.


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