Expert Tips for Booking a Meeting Space Rental in Scottsdale

meeting space rental in scottsdale

meeting space rental in scottsdaleIf you don’t live in Scottsdale and happen to be traveling there soon for a business meeting, you’re probably wondering where to host your meeting or meetings while you’re in town. It can be challenging, especially as an out of town-er, but with these three tips, you can make it easier on yourself to find a meeting space rental in Scottsdale that would best suit your company.

Define Your Location

Scottsdale is right next door to Phoenix, these two cities make up for a large population, which means a lot of businesses. If you’re looking to book a meeting space in Scottsdale, you have to be more specific with your location. You wouldn’t want to have to sit in traffic, trying to get to the other side of the city, just to have a meeting.

Defining your meeting space location will also narrow down the number of choices you have when it comes to choosing a place to rent. This way, you can focus on more detailed aspects of the space, as opposed to just the location and the price.

Look for Amenities

Once you’ve settled on a specific venue, you will want to look at your options for meeting space amenities. Firstly, check to see if the rental company rents by hour, or by packages, so that you could choose whatever would best suit your business’ needs. Also, take into consideration what tools you might need for your meeting, such as Wi-Fi or a projector.

Additionally, some companies offer an office concierge, who will be onsite, ready to help you with anything you may need. For instance, if you need to arrange a catered lunch or reserve a town car, the concierge would be able to do so for you. Think about the caliber of your meeting, and those with whom you are meeting, in order to decide if this is a service that you will need. 

Book in Advance

The most important thing to do is to book the meeting space in advance. You wouldn’t want to do all the research to find the perfect space, just to learn when you get there that it has already been rented.

Booking in advance can also allow for you to form other plans based around your meeting space. You can budget for meals, travel or additional expenses, as the room has already been booked. When you have the location of the meeting space set-in-stone, you can find nearby restaurants or hotels to best accommodate your coworkers.

With a furnished office space in Scottsdale rented, you can also start planning your meeting, as now you know all of your room’s amenities. Pre-planned meetings always move much more smoothly and are often more impressive to your important guests.


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