How to Get Business Referrals to Grow Your Small Business

how to get business referrals

how to get business referralsWhen you have just started a small business, you want to gain as many clients as you can. You likely are trying to find leads by any means necessary. After all, new clientele is the backbone of a growing startup. But when you are new to the scene, finding a reliable source of new clients and customers can seem like an uphill battle.

So how will you build your business amidst this apparent paradox? You need referrals. Having others, either business partners or clients, point to you as a beacon of excellence will help you grow your customer base immeasurably. A referral, however, is likely not going to just present itself. You have to get creative and really put yourself out there. Here are some ideas of how to get business referrals.

Meet Like-Minded People

No matter your industry, there is an association or mixer group for you to join. This is especially true in a thriving community like Scottsdale. It can be helpful to align yourself with others in your same field of work who are part of these associations or business mixers because they have either already found success, or they are looking for it (like you). This can provide valuable insight to help you achieve you goals.

There are also larger associations, like the local chamber of commerce, filled with business owners like you. Reaching out to a few individuals whom you believe could benefit from utilizing your services is a great way to get a foot in the door. Even if you provide your services at a discounted rate to attract initial clientele, it will pay off in the long run with an increased number of referrals.

Go With Who You Know

Meeting new people is always a great way to reach into an untapped pool of potential clients. There is also great value in the friendships and partnerships you already have. People familiar with your work and who can vouch for you to potential leads are a great resource to have close by. Having someone speak on your behalf of the wonderful work you do goes a much longer way compared to you trying to talk yourself up.

Sometimes, though, the only way to get a friend or client referral is to simply ask. Even if a client is especially fond of the services you provide, it may not occur to them to spread the word. Simply asking them to give your business card or phone number to others who would be a good match for your services can grow your client base.

Reach Along the Horizontal

Even if you are a master of what you do, there are some potential leads who will have no idea they need your service. For instance, a client of a graphic designer may assume that graphic design includes web development. Because this is usually not the case, if you are a web developer, you and the graphic designer may be able to come to a partnership where you both share clients with each other by offering complementary services.


If you are just starting your company, sourcing new business leads is important. Let Advantage Office Suites take some of the pressure off of you through their Scottsdale virtual office with mail forwarding services. Contact us today for more information.

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