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Is it Time to Go Virtual? – Virtual offices in Scottsdale

“Virtual” is virtually everywhere.  If you choose, you can eat a virtual meal in a virtual restaurant, with virtual friends, and then retreat to your virtual home and play with your virtual pet and spend time playing in a game of virtual reality. Like it or not, we’re living in a virtual world, and with increasing frequency people are relying on web-based programs for work, leisure, and other tasks. But what does the virtual world have to offer you and your business?  Sure, you’ve heard about virtual offices, but is that something that would be a good fit for your small business? Here we’ve compiled the top 5 things you need to know about virtual offices to help you figure out whether a virtual offices in Scottsdale is right for you. A real address, without a real address. With our Phoenix virtual office, you get the benefits of a legitimate

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Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” This quote by an anonymous source illustrates the beauty and allure of being your own boss.  The allure of working for yourself rather than “the man.”  The appeal of setting your own schedule and hours, and making your own money.  If you’re thinking about taking the BYOB (“be your own boss”) plunge, are you wondering if you’re really ready?  Here are some questions to ask yourself to be able to tell if BYOB is right for YOU.  You’re a realist.  You tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  In fact, your bosses have often been turned off by your honesty.  This shows that you have the integrity needed to run your own show, and that you care about the quality of the

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2016 Client Appreciation Holiday Party

In December 2016 Advantage Office Suites in Scottsdale had their 1st annual Holiday Client Appreciation Party. All of the businesses that rent office space in Scottsdale’s Princess Location where there to meet the other businesses in the office building and enjoy some holiday cheer. It was a great time and we are looking forward to celebrating the next Client Appreciation Day.

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Three Essential Tips for Beating the Work-From-Home Blues

Those of us who work primarily from the comfort of our own homes know that there are definite benefits, but also some serious downsides to working like this. From freelancers to skilled professionals who are launching startups, people who work remotely have been reported to take note of a certain type of unrest from time-to-time. They describe a feeling of being cooped-up or a little stagnant and in need of fresh air. It’s what people classically refer to as ‘cabin fever.’ It may sound like something you should simply power through, but getting into these ruts can actually hurt your productivity. Here are some suggestions to try out to make sure you stay happy while also staying busy. Get Up, Get Out Numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between getting exercise and the reduction of stress and anxiety. This is one of the best things you can use to

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Work / Life: Your Greatest Balancing Act

We all work hard to make a living. But what is life without personal happiness? We have friends and families to guide us through tough decisions and offer the support we need. But focusing too much on personal relationships can affect our work goals. On the other hand, ignoring our personal life by adopting a workaholic mindset–where we shut out distractions, including people, to remain permanently on-call–can result in a miserable career that affects productivity, which is the entire reason for working hard in the first place. At Advantage Office Suites, we work with a lot of small business owners and freelancers who juggle these concerns daily, and wanted to share a few of the more common suggestions to help balance the scales between those you love, and the work you love. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a perfect formula for everyone. Your plan of action

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Image Is Everything: Virtual Offices. Real Life Results.

Working from home is a natural first step for freelancers and entrepreneurs just starting out with their new venture. It’s convenient, affordable, and flexible, and growing in popularity. But doing so has drawbacks for anyone who interacts frequently with clients—both in prospecting and ongoing account management activities—or who are looking to advance their business to the next level. Simply put, as romantic and revolutionary as the idea of the dispersed workforce sounds in startup think-pieces on the Web, the reality is that clients still look for a certain air of credibility that working from your couch with your kid in your lap just doesn’t quite convey. Just as a professional website or business card can hook the big fish, engaging them in person at a proper professional office keeps them in the boat. Projecting the image of a “real” business requires a place to conduct that business outside the home.

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Best Office Decorating Styles to Stay Relaxed at Work

best office decorating styles

For most people, the words “work” and “relaxation” are on opposite ends of a spectrum. Being in the office may feel like you are saddled with constant stress. There’s always a project to work on and an unhappy client to deal with. In your day-to-day duties, you may feel like a robot, constantly living the same day over and over. While you likely cannot change your schedule or responsibilities, there are other ways to achieve workplace relaxation. It all comes down to what your office looks like. Here are some of the best office decorating styles to relieve stress and allow for relaxation, even while you’re working.

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Steps to Finding a Business Mentor to Help You Succeed

steps to finding a business mentor

Mentoring has experienced a dynamic shift in popularity in the last few years. This is especially true when it comes to launching a small business. The challenges that are presented in today’s economy require the wisdom to overcome obstacles and foresee new ones before they even materialize. A business owner experienced in your industry is an ideal advisor when you are finding your wings. Here are a some steps to finding a business mentor.

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The Best Way to Set Up Your Virtual Office for Home Business

virtual office for home business

The concept of telecommuting may have been slow to take off, but given its cost-effective aspects, it has now exploded onto the scene. The internet has allowed more people to have a virtual office for home business than ever before, and the growth of this trend cannot be understated. To fully take advantage of a virtual home office, here are some considerations for efficient functionality.

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3 Keys to Success in the Workplace Worth Sharing

keys to success in the workplace

The “workplace of today” covers an array of environments, from the local corporate office to a digital office halfway across the world. Professionals from all over the globe can connect instantaneously with each other without leaving their own office. Whether your company provides goods for your small hometown or solutions for the players in the world’s most innovative industries, there is always room for growth. Following these three keys to success in the workplace could set your company on the road to increased success. Defined Leadership, Communication and Goals The leadership team has the responsibility of ensuring that the employees understand the roles of the individual and team as a whole. In addition, they are in charge of communicating company procedures and monitoring success levels. A well-defined order of leadership allows staff to know whom they should turn to for guidance. Leadership responsibilities should also include, conveying the message of the

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