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Stay in Shape: The Best Exercises to Do in the Office

exercises to do in the office

Working a 40-hour work week can make it difficult to find time to work out. Between working, commuting and keeping up with your personal errands, there is just not enough time in the day. Oftentimes, it can even be difficult to just get away from your desk out of fear of missing an important call. If you are concerned about staying in shape, here are some exercises to do in the office so you can squeeze that daily workout into your schedule. Don’t worry about missing important phone calls while you do your mini-workouts either, as there is an easy office solution: incorporating the use of a Scottsdale telephone answering service.

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Business Success Habits Guaranteed To Help Reduce Stress

business success habits

Technology may have brought us many advantages in the business world, but many times it seems as if we are racing to catch up with the never ending upgrades. Workloads and lists continue to grow, which adds stress and anxiety that can interfere with goals and sometimes cloud opportunities. Establishing some easy business success habits can bring clarity and organization and help to get everything back on track for achievement.

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3 Simple Tips To Manage Business Communications Efficiently

manage business communicaiton

In the fast paced, quick access world we live in today it may seem logical to automate all aspects of client interaction to reduce downtime and mistakes in order to increase opportunity. However, choosing this path of communication could turn out to be a big mistake. Taking good care of clients and having an effective way to manage business communications may sound simple enough, but with the vast amount of outlets it can be complicated and overwhelming to stay on top of. With tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, email, webinars, video and the telephone to name a few, it is important to figure out which outlets work best for keeping you connected with clients. One key to building strong systems around communication is a willingness to embrace new technology and develop clear expectations. Here are a few key areas worth evaluating. A Proactive Approach Email Communication Email is a powerful tool that has

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3 Ways A Live Telephone Answering Service Increases Profitability

Telephone Answering Service

Business is exciting and invigorating, but it can be stressful too. Stress shows up in various forms, but often is connected to revenue and profitability. When business owners talk about improving efficiency and delegating tasks that will improve the experience for your customers and clients then you’re on the right track. Something as simple as incorporating a live telephone answering service could help businesses grow their margins and reduce stress all at the same time. Having a live phone reception demonstrates the importance of great customer service and increased the overall value of your business. Listed below are a few of the top ways in which a live professional telephone answering service can help businesses increase their profitability: Reduce Operating Costs Reduce overhead cost by hiring a live professional answering service staffed with experienced, qualified and well mannered people who are always on the other side of the line ready to

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