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Important Virtual Business Tips for Computer Safety

virtual business tips

Virtual offices and telecommuting is growing at an exponential rate in both the private and business sectors. In order for any businesses to support a virtual employee, the basic necessities are a home computer and Internet access. This means you’ve opened the door to potential threats that exist outside of the protection that standard corporate networks offer. According to a recent Forbes article, companies like Amazon, Kaplan, First Data, and Convergys are posting a high number of remote jobs. Newcomers to the list include Nationwide Insurance, CIGNA, ADP, CVS and Caremark. While companies see great advantages for a virtual work force, the concern for security is always top of mind. In this era of criminals and cyber hacking, there are some virtual business tips that can help safeguard confidential information.

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5 Essential Methods for a Productive Office Environment

Productive office environment

Creating an office environment that both cultivates and encourages productivity can be challenging. Though it may take a little more time and effort on the part of the business owner or manager, happy employees are more productive and strive to work harder. In fact, Gallup reported that lost productivity due to employee disengagement costs more than $450 to $550 billion in the U.S. annually.  Here are a few tips to help create a productive office environment that will support employees and maintain a healthy focus on business profits. Actions that follow words: Many companies announce the fact that they have an ‘open door policy’ when it comes to opinion, feedback and ideas. When implementing this policy it needs to be reinforced with actions that validate the philosophy for all levels of employees. This not only demonstrates excellence in a business code of ethics but allows the staff the opportunity to bring

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3 Simple Tips To Manage Business Communications Efficiently

manage business communicaiton

In the fast paced, quick access world we live in today it may seem logical to automate all aspects of client interaction to reduce downtime and mistakes in order to increase opportunity. However, choosing this path of communication could turn out to be a big mistake. Taking good care of clients and having an effective way to manage business communications may sound simple enough, but with the vast amount of outlets it can be complicated and overwhelming to stay on top of. With tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, email, webinars, video and the telephone to name a few, it is important to figure out which outlets work best for keeping you connected with clients. One key to building strong systems around communication is a willingness to embrace new technology and develop clear expectations. Here are a few key areas worth evaluating. A Proactive Approach Email Communication Email is a powerful tool that has

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How Executive Office Services Can Impact Your Business Image

Executive Office Services

Perception is reality. Whether in business or personally, people tend to make decisions about an individual or a company based primarily on how they represent themselves. This is a reality that several Scottsdale area businesses face daily and why several smart business owners consider leasing executive office services in Scottsdale to enhance their professional images; without putting a tremendous dent in their operational pocket-book. Executive office services provide any sized company with upscale office accommodations, support staffing and amenities that permit them to represent as a professional organization – without the overhead that often comes with this level of excellence.  The primary reasons why any growing company can benefit from leasing executive office suites in Scottsdale.

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5 Benefits of Using Professional Conference Rooms in Arizona

conference rooms in arizona

If you’re in business, you know there are circumstances that require you to meet with more than one person or more than one company at a time. Maybe you need a room that can seat larger numbers that offers high tech upgrades to better communicate with your audience in a more memorable way.  What ever the case may be, there are situations that call for a more collaborative space, more seats and high quality audio-video technology.  Below you’ll learn more about the unique benefits that come with professional conference room rentals and situations that might require a business to lease a conference room.

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3 Ways A Live Telephone Answering Service Increases Profitability

Telephone Answering Service

Business is exciting and invigorating, but it can be stressful too. Stress shows up in various forms, but often is connected to revenue and profitability. When business owners talk about improving efficiency and delegating tasks that will improve the experience for your customers and clients then you’re on the right track. Something as simple as incorporating a live telephone answering service could help businesses grow their margins and reduce stress all at the same time. Having a live phone reception demonstrates the importance of great customer service and increased the overall value of your business. Listed below are a few of the top ways in which a live professional telephone answering service can help businesses increase their profitability: Reduce Operating Costs Reduce overhead cost by hiring a live professional answering service staffed with experienced, qualified and well mannered people who are always on the other side of the line ready to

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5 Excellent Benefits of Working From Home

benefits of working from home

Many people are opting to work at home with the help of a virtual office in Phoenix or Scottsdale as it offers many benefits compared to leaving home to work in an office every morning. The online work industry is growing steadily as technology advances, and more and more people are taking advantage of a work at home environment because of its flexible schedule. The following are some benefits of working from home: Control Your Work House. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can get your work done. You make your own schedule, so it’s a definite plus to be able to set your sleep schedule, enjoy leisure time whenever you’re feeling stressed and work anytime of the day that is best for you. More Time for Friends and Family. With less time spent in the office and on a daily commute, you can form closer

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The Business Side of Freelancing

business of freelancing

Freelancing is attractive to many individuals for the following reasons: be your own boss, set your own work schedule, and take on only the projects you’re interested in. Free agents are passionate about what they do, which is great, but many make the mistake of overlooking the business side of their line of work. Neglecting the business of freelancing ensures failure. Understanding and effectively managing the business side of your work will result in the success and growth of your business. As a freelance worker, you have several important decisions to make as well as a number of tasks to complete before you can begin your business: Creating a Business Plan: The key to being successful in anything is in the preparation. Creating a business plan establishes your business objectives and identifies the marketing strategies you will utilize. It also helps you to identify competitors and establish a development plan,

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Selecting a Workplace for Your Start Up

workplace for your startup

When starting a new business, selecting the best workplace for your start up needs is crucial, but determining how much space your startup needs can be difficult. If you’re founding a sole proprietorship where you are the only employee, working from home may be convenient and financially reasonable. Online tools make running your business from home easier than ever. However, running your business from home may be damaging to the professional image you seek to convey. Operating your business from home but utilizing a professional Phoenix meeting space can be a happy medium between working from home and making your business look professional. The furnished, state of the art conference rooms at Advantage Office Suites serve as a popular locale for startups and small businesses alike. For startups with a few employees, a Phoenix meeting space and work space in a business park or coworking space serves as a much

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