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How to Get Business Referrals to Grow Your Small Business

how to get business referrals

When you have just started a small business, you want to gain as many clients as you can. You likely are trying to find leads by any means necessary. After all, new clientele is the backbone of a growing startup. But when you are new to the scene, finding a reliable source of new clients and customers can seem like an uphill battle. So how will you build your business amidst this apparent paradox? You need referrals. Having others, either business partners or clients, point to you as a beacon of excellence will help you grow your customer base immeasurably. A referral, however, is likely not going to just present itself. You have to get creative and really put yourself out there. Here are some ideas of how to get business referrals.

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Steps to Finding a Business Mentor to Help You Succeed

steps to finding a business mentor

Mentoring has experienced a dynamic shift in popularity in the last few years. This is especially true when it comes to launching a small business. The challenges that are presented in today’s economy require the wisdom to overcome obstacles and foresee new ones before they even materialize. A business owner experienced in your industry is an ideal advisor when you are finding your wings. Here are a some steps to finding a business mentor.

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How to Boost Sales with a Scottsdale Conference Room Rental

Scottsdale conference room rental

As nearly any manager knows, members of your sales team are sometimes in need of motivation. Keeping them inspired means reinforcing the fact that their contribution and participation is integral in the positive direction of company growth and decisions. Just as important is rewarding the sales reps, and what better way to encompass all aspects than with a sales team event in an offsite Scottsdale conference room rental?

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How Entrepreneurs Use Crowdfunding to Launch a Business

crowdfunding to launch a business

As money has tightened up in the bank loan arenas, small startup businesses have faced an increasing hurdle of where to get initial capital. The popularity of crowdfunding to launch a business has allowed individuals to invest and give entrepreneurs the chance to be successful. By using crowdsourced funds instead of a loan, startups face fewer penalties if the business fails. Detailed Business Plan While crowdsourcing platforms themselves are simple, encouraging individuals to invest takes some work. Entrepreneurs still need a thorough and comprehensive business plan to prove they are savvy enough to use the raised funds wisely. This plan should include aspects like the problem and proposed solution, budgeting and other necessary aspects, with an abbreviated version topping the crowdsourcing page. Zack Miller, head of the investor community at OurCrowd funding portal, stated, “The real Holy Grail of crowdfunding is not just an efficient way to raise capital for your

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3 Keys to Success in the Workplace Worth Sharing

keys to success in the workplace

The “workplace of today” covers an array of environments, from the local corporate office to a digital office halfway across the world. Professionals from all over the globe can connect instantaneously with each other without leaving their own office. Whether your company provides goods for your small hometown or solutions for the players in the world’s most innovative industries, there is always room for growth. Following these three keys to success in the workplace could set your company on the road to increased success. Defined Leadership, Communication and Goals The leadership team has the responsibility of ensuring that the employees understand the roles of the individual and team as a whole. In addition, they are in charge of communicating company procedures and monitoring success levels. A well-defined order of leadership allows staff to know whom they should turn to for guidance. Leadership responsibilities should also include, conveying the message of the

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4 Useful Tips on How To Avoid Work Burnout

how to avoid work burnout

Our culture seems to not only reward those that work the longest hours, but has almost elevated the status of ‘workaholic’ as a badge of honor. This is especially true when establishing a start-up company, where staff members accomplish multiple duties. The problems that ensue over the long term involve both physical and psychological symptoms that can ultimately undermine the success goals of the individual and the company. There are some tips on how to avoid work burnout that can allow commitment without the downside.

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Business Success Habits Guaranteed To Help Reduce Stress

business success habits

Technology may have brought us many advantages in the business world, but many times it seems as if we are racing to catch up with the never ending upgrades. Workloads and lists continue to grow, which adds stress and anxiety that can interfere with goals and sometimes cloud opportunities. Establishing some easy business success habits can bring clarity and organization and help to get everything back on track for achievement.

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7 Business Travel Tips For The Busy Professional

business travel tips

7 Business Travel Tips For The Busy Professional from Advantage Office Suites To achieve the most cost effective expense sheet for travel requires a well thought out plan. You’ll want to take advantage of existing benefits that many savvy business travelers come to learn after years of experience. Making use of business travel hacks can accomplish excellence in ROI, saving time, and a reduction in stress. Each strategy below will take your business travel into a more productive and positive place.

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3 Ways to Grow A Small Business for Increased Profits

ways to grow a small business

3 Ways to Grow A Small Business for Increased Profits from Advantage Office Suites Small business owners have a reputation for taking on any challenge necessary to ensure business is moving in a profitable direction. With so many responsibilities, it is easy to get lost in the myriad of “tasks” and lose sight of the big picture goals that will make a real difference in ways to grow a small business  for long-term development and sustainability.  A recent article by Entrepreneur Magazine stated, “Successful business growth depends on a scalable business model that will increase profits over time, by growing revenue while avoiding cost increases.” Although it may be easy to stay busy with the day-to-day activities in your business, as the small business owner, it’s important to stay connected to the following business principles.

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Business Productivity: Virtual Office vs Traditional Office

virtual office vs traditional office

The first launch of the home office for workers began in preparation for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, CA, employers have continued to debate whether business productivity is lost when an employee works virtually. The twenty first century concept of virtual, remote or home office has expanded into many corporate areas and provides some rather interesting facts when you compare a virtual office vs traditional office environment.

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