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How Executive Office Services Can Impact Your Business Image

Executive Office Services

Perception is reality. Whether in business or personally, people tend to make decisions about an individual or a company based primarily on how they represent themselves. This is a reality that several Scottsdale area businesses face daily and why several smart business owners consider leasing executive office services in Scottsdale to enhance their professional images; without putting a tremendous dent in their operational pocket-book. Executive office services provide any sized company with upscale office accommodations, support staffing and amenities that permit them to represent as a professional organization – without the overhead that often comes with this level of excellence.  The primary reasons why any growing company can benefit from leasing executive office suites in Scottsdale.

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Say Goodbye to Traditional Office Space

traditional office space

The future of office space is up in the air due to the constant advances we are seeing in technology. It started in the 90s when employees began telecommuting due to their easy access to a landline, modem and desktop. Since this time, the number of employees working from home offices has been steadily rising. Technologies have improved vastly and will only continue to do so. What does this mean for the future of office space in Scottsdale and Ahwatukee – Phoenix, AZ? Due to high-speed internet access, secure cloud-based applications and constant communication through smartphones, the new trend in the workplace is coworking. Coworking facilities are office spaces where freelancers and other independent contractors come to work and take advantage of shared resources including internet access, conference rooms, printers and fax machines. Coworking facilities are growing in cities throughout the nation, which is evidence that this trend is taking off

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The Business Side of Freelancing

business of freelancing

Freelancing is attractive to many individuals for the following reasons: be your own boss, set your own work schedule, and take on only the projects you’re interested in. Free agents are passionate about what they do, which is great, but many make the mistake of overlooking the business side of their line of work. Neglecting the business of freelancing ensures failure. Understanding and effectively managing the business side of your work will result in the success and growth of your business. As a freelance worker, you have several important decisions to make as well as a number of tasks to complete before you can begin your business: Creating a Business Plan: The key to being successful in anything is in the preparation. Creating a business plan establishes your business objectives and identifies the marketing strategies you will utilize. It also helps you to identify competitors and establish a development plan,

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7 Things to Consider When Searching for Arizona Office Space

arizona office space

Advantage Office Suites understands the challenge of finding the perfect office space in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ for your small business. It’s important for small businesses to have an office so they appear professional and well established to clients and so they can build and attract a great team of employees. Several factors need to come into play when deciding on the right office space for your small business, the most basic being an affordable space that is flexible to accommodate future growth. The following are 10 things to consider when searching for Arizona office space for your small business: Flexibility. Having a flexible short-term lease a practical option for a small business, which can evolve quickly potentially requiring additional office space. Type of Space. Decide if you want a direct lease with a landlord or if you would be more interested in renting out an affordable shared space or

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The Advantages of Using a Phoenix Virtual Office Space

phoenix virtual office

Business across America is predominantly conducted in traditional office spaces, with employees commuting to a physical location. While effective for some businesses, not all business models require a brick and mortar location. Phoenix virtual offices allow small businesses to bridge the gap between working at home and working in a traditional office, combining benefits from each business style to give your company a professional advantage. A Phoenix virtual office space allows you, as a business owner to work and operate your business from the comfort of your home, while maintaining a professional appearance through: An official business address Access to comfortable full-sized conference rooms with state of the art equipment Professional receptionist services On-site materials to prepare you for meetings or presentations Advantage Office Suites is confident in its ability to increase the effectiveness of your small business through the use of a Phoenix virtual office. Not only will our

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Selecting a Workplace for Your Start Up

workplace for your startup

When starting a new business, selecting the best workplace for your start up needs is crucial, but determining how much space your startup needs can be difficult. If you’re founding a sole proprietorship where you are the only employee, working from home may be convenient and financially reasonable. Online tools make running your business from home easier than ever. However, running your business from home may be damaging to the professional image you seek to convey. Operating your business from home but utilizing a professional Phoenix meeting space can be a happy medium between working from home and making your business look professional. The furnished, state of the art conference rooms at Advantage Office Suites serve as a popular locale for startups and small businesses alike. For startups with a few employees, a Phoenix meeting space and work space in a business park or coworking space serves as a much

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Moving Your Business From Home to an Office

business from home

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses can operated from home. The convenience of a prepaid workspace, no commute and flexible hours only increase the allure of running a startup business from home, but eventually as the business from home grows, space restrictions will encourage you to look for your own Phoenix office. For many small businesses, finances become a primary concern when preparing for an initial expansion in to an office space. After staffing fees, the purchase of office equipment and the payment of security deposits and insurance, a business is quickly faced with $40,000 or more in set up costs, in addition to monthly salaries, fees and rent. Instead of pursuing a traditional Phoenix office, many small businesses and startups find it more cost-effective to receive the customer-focused office solutions of Advantage Office Suites. With our executive Phoenix office suites, your business can enjoy fully furnished, luxurious common areas

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Why Having a Business Office Space Still Matters

business office space

Many small businesses operate out of the owner’s home, which is sensible to an extent, but the necessary progression of any small business eventually leads to having a business office space. Regardless of the size of your Phoenix office space, requesting a customer meet you at a residential address may come off as unprofessional and can be the sole deciding factor between a customer and a failed prospect. Advantage Office Suites, Phoenix office space is conveniently located across the city. Leasing office space accessible and close to other local businesses will ensure that potential customers can find your business easily and aren’t confused by residential surroundings. The Phoenix offices of Advantage Office Suites offer much more than a professional outside appearance. Advantage Office Suites executive suites offer: Expertly trained receptionists to screen calls and visitors Fully furnished common areas and meeting rooms Secured T-1 high speed internet access State-of-the-art equipment

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The Benefits of Office Space Without the Cost

benefits of office space

Leasing office space for the first time, or even moving office space is a pivotal milestone for small business, but many obstacles stand between the business owners and moving in to that new Phoenix office. Advantage Office Suites makes it easier than ever to operate a business, whether it be from a virtual office, a flexsuite or executive office suites in Scottsdale. Moving in to an office requires a significant amount of startup capital, the average move-in cost for a Phoenix office can total nearly $40,000. Acquiring the appropriate equipment, furniture and resources for a fully operational office space adds up quickly. Once equipment has been purchased, additional time and money must be spent on transporting and installing the equipment and other assets to the new office space. Advantage Office Suites simplifies this process by offering a full range of professional services and amenities, including: Furnished and unfurnished office spaces

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The Benefits of A Virtual Office Home Based Business

virtual office home based business

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, home-based businesses represent approximately 52% of all firms in the nation and produce 10% of receipts in the economy. With unprecedented advances in technology and the astonishing growth of internet traffic and transactions, more and more business owners are moving their office to a new location – their home! There are many apparent benefits that entice business owners to create an office in their home. Businesses that forego typical office locations reap the benefits of drastic overhead reductions, increased schedule flexibility, and, of course, convenience! There are, unfortunately, a few drawbacks that come with the decision to operate a virtual office home based business. Working from home is not conducive for business meetings, presentations and the typical distraction that can occur at home. What to do you do when you need to meet with a client or need a break from your surroundings?

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