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As an entrepreneur, scarcely anything else is as exciting as seeing the first fruits of your labor begin to bloom.  You’ve dreamed this business into existence, and now here it is, plugging along, ready to grow bigger.  And while you’ve done a great job thus far as owner/manager/labor force/receptionist/marketing manager, it might be time to take off a few of those many hats you wear and hire a new employee or two.  Much like sending a firstborn child into the arms of a stranger, this process can be a little scary – after all, can you trust them?  Will they care for a certain aspect of your business the way that you do?  And can you afford to take this big step? Below we have a few key questions to ask yourself to determine if this is indeed the right next step for you and your business. How much is

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5 Confidence-Building Steps for Your Home Business

Those of us who run a business or work on a contract basis from home can experience a certain insecurity from time-to-time; It’s a feeling that we’re not as serious or hard-working as our counterparts in fixed-office settings. This feeling of self-doubt can heavily burden your productivity, your relationship with your clients, and even your end-product. But, by practicing these easy steps, you can walk into any situation with your head held high. Eye Contact Eye contact is not only a big part of relating to people in business, but also plays a big part in relating to people in general. Making eye contact with someone makes them feel at ease and assures them that you’re interested in what they’re saying and are eager and excited to respond. However, you should use eye contact sparingly as too much can feel uncomfortable. Experts suggest switching your focus between your audience’s right

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Work / Life: Your Greatest Balancing Act

We all work hard to make a living. But what is life without personal happiness? We have friends and families to guide us through tough decisions and offer the support we need. But focusing too much on personal relationships can affect our work goals. On the other hand, ignoring our personal life by adopting a workaholic mindset–where we shut out distractions, including people, to remain permanently on-call–can result in a miserable career that affects productivity, which is the entire reason for working hard in the first place. At Advantage Office Suites, we work with a lot of small business owners and freelancers who juggle these concerns daily, and wanted to share a few of the more common suggestions to help balance the scales between those you love, and the work you love. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a perfect formula for everyone. Your plan of action

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Image Is Everything: Virtual Offices. Real Life Results.

Working from home is a natural first step for freelancers and entrepreneurs just starting out with their new venture. It’s convenient, affordable, and flexible, and growing in popularity. But doing so has drawbacks for anyone who interacts frequently with clients—both in prospecting and ongoing account management activities—or who are looking to advance their business to the next level. Simply put, as romantic and revolutionary as the idea of the dispersed workforce sounds in startup think-pieces on the Web, the reality is that clients still look for a certain air of credibility that working from your couch with your kid in your lap just doesn’t quite convey. Just as a professional website or business card can hook the big fish, engaging them in person at a proper professional office keeps them in the boat. Projecting the image of a “real” business requires a place to conduct that business outside the home.

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How to Get Business Referrals to Grow Your Small Business

how to get business referrals

When you have just started a small business, you want to gain as many clients as you can. You likely are trying to find leads by any means necessary. After all, new clientele is the backbone of a growing startup. But when you are new to the scene, finding a reliable source of new clients and customers can seem like an uphill battle. So how will you build your business amidst this apparent paradox? You need referrals. Having others, either business partners or clients, point to you as a beacon of excellence will help you grow your customer base immeasurably. A referral, however, is likely not going to just present itself. You have to get creative and really put yourself out there. Here are some ideas of how to get business referrals.

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Save Money by Renting a Furnished Office Space in Scottsdale

furnished office space in scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona has been the hidden secret of local residents and national businesses alike. As a winner of many awards, the location is coveted by those seeking a quality lifestyle filled with metropolitan conveniences while surrounded by the beauty of nature. Companies have been attracted to the area as an opportunity for expansion and cost savings through rentals of furnished office space in Scottsdale. Choosing an office rental option has become a popular method to obtain a high profile presence while offering cost savings.

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Beginners Guide To Finding Executive Suites In Scottsdale

executive suites in scottsdale

Beginners Guide To Finding Executive Suites In Scottsdale from Advantage Office Suites Scottsdale is a city that is quickly rising to become a focal point for successful business operations. The benefits are exemplified in the Downtown Scottsdale motto: “Where the Old West Meets the New West: Downtown Scottsdale is just one of the great destinations for visitors and residents alike to enjoy art galleries, specialty retail, dining venues that range from casual to upscale, southwestern cultural attractions and an extraordinary nightlife.” Executive suites in Scottsdale are in high demand and finding the right one to meet business needs and accommodate all options at a reasonable cost is a priority.

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3 Ways to Grow A Small Business for Increased Profits

ways to grow a small business

3 Ways to Grow A Small Business for Increased Profits from Advantage Office Suites Small business owners have a reputation for taking on any challenge necessary to ensure business is moving in a profitable direction. With so many responsibilities, it is easy to get lost in the myriad of “tasks” and lose sight of the big picture goals that will make a real difference in ways to grow a small business  for long-term development and sustainability.  A recent article by Entrepreneur Magazine stated, “Successful business growth depends on a scalable business model that will increase profits over time, by growing revenue while avoiding cost increases.” Although it may be easy to stay busy with the day-to-day activities in your business, as the small business owner, it’s important to stay connected to the following business principles.

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5 Essential Methods for a Productive Office Environment

Productive office environment

Creating an office environment that both cultivates and encourages productivity can be challenging. Though it may take a little more time and effort on the part of the business owner or manager, happy employees are more productive and strive to work harder. In fact, Gallup reported that lost productivity due to employee disengagement costs more than $450 to $550 billion in the U.S. annually.  Here are a few tips to help create a productive office environment that will support employees and maintain a healthy focus on business profits. Actions that follow words: Many companies announce the fact that they have an ‘open door policy’ when it comes to opinion, feedback and ideas. When implementing this policy it needs to be reinforced with actions that validate the philosophy for all levels of employees. This not only demonstrates excellence in a business code of ethics but allows the staff the opportunity to bring

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Discover The Brilliance Behind Executive Office Rental Solutions

Executive Office Rental

Executive Office Rental: The Full Service Solution from Advantage Office Suites   Nobody ever said that managing a business was simple. In a competitive market like Scottsdale, finding affordable ways to streamline business expenses without compromising brand integrity, customer service or your business operations has become the new normal. One of the best ways to reduce your bottom line expenses is to consider short term office rental in Scottsdale. Generally, the largest overhead expense a small business will possess is office related. Whether this includes the rental or purchase of the location, the furniture inside or the office equipment you use, the bottom line is that these items can significantly impact your operational costs.

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