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The Image of Bigness

One challenge a very-small business owner faces is trying to seem like something other than a very-small business. While many customers are charmed to support a small and local business, it can be challenging to establish confidence and credibility when your business is just getting on its feet, and your clientele count is still in the single digits. Below we have our top 5 favorite ways that you can seem like a BIG FISH when you’re still in “small fish” category. Know when your basement won’t cut it. Have a meeting with a biggie potential client you’re hoping to win over? Meeting at a coffee shop can work sometimes, but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the potential or stability of your business. Neither does meeting in your home office. Once you make the decision to lease one of our Scottsdale meeting rooms, with our professional furnishings and amenities, you’ll

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We Can Provide Your Scottsdale Meeting Room (but do you need it?)

In this age of technology, virtually everything can be accomplished . . . virtually.  In a flash you can communicate with clients and business associates all over the world, all from the comfort of your sofa or coffee shop table.  However, there are times when face-to-face meetings really are necessary and beneficial.  You might be in a point in your business where utilizing our Scottsdale meeting rooms is a smart next move. Not convinced?  Consider a study reported by Meeting Professionals International that found that 40% of prospective buyers became new customers through face-to-face communications.  And KHR Solutions conducted a survey that found that 56% of employees prefer face-to-face interactions with their manager, and 50% prefer the same with colleagues. Since face-to-face is still, sometimes, the best way to communicate, here are a few situations where you might find yourself calling Advantage: Group discussions Sure, virtual meetings are quick, convenient,

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5 Confidence-Building Steps for Your Home Business

Those of us who run a business or work on a contract basis from home can experience a certain insecurity from time-to-time; It’s a feeling that we’re not as serious or hard-working as our counterparts in fixed-office settings. This feeling of self-doubt can heavily burden your productivity, your relationship with your clients, and even your end-product. But, by practicing these easy steps, you can walk into any situation with your head held high. Eye Contact Eye contact is not only a big part of relating to people in business, but also plays a big part in relating to people in general. Making eye contact with someone makes them feel at ease and assures them that you’re interested in what they’re saying and are eager and excited to respond. However, you should use eye contact sparingly as too much can feel uncomfortable. Experts suggest switching your focus between your audience’s right

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Image Is Everything: Virtual Offices. Real Life Results.

Working from home is a natural first step for freelancers and entrepreneurs just starting out with their new venture. It’s convenient, affordable, and flexible, and growing in popularity. But doing so has drawbacks for anyone who interacts frequently with clients—both in prospecting and ongoing account management activities—or who are looking to advance their business to the next level. Simply put, as romantic and revolutionary as the idea of the dispersed workforce sounds in startup think-pieces on the Web, the reality is that clients still look for a certain air of credibility that working from your couch with your kid in your lap just doesn’t quite convey. Just as a professional website or business card can hook the big fish, engaging them in person at a proper professional office keeps them in the boat. Projecting the image of a “real” business requires a place to conduct that business outside the home.

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Expert Tips for Booking a Meeting Space Rental in Scottsdale

meeting space rental in scottsdale

If you don’t live in Scottsdale and happen to be traveling there soon for a business meeting, you’re probably wondering where to host your meeting or meetings while you’re in town. It can be challenging, especially as an out of town-er, but with these three tips, you can make it easier on yourself to find a meeting space rental in Scottsdale that would best suit your company.

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3 Tricks for Remembering Names During Business Meetings

tricks for remembering names

Imagine this: You’re at a business meeting, sitting in a conference room and all new faces are surrounding you. You have a good point you want to make, but you can’t seem to remember anyone’s name. It would be rude to direct a comment towards someone without formally addressing them. What do you do? Well, the answer is as easy as remembering people’s names. Here are three simple tricks for remembering names, so that the next time a name is said, you can remember it and seamlessly jump into the conversation.

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How to Boost Sales with a Scottsdale Conference Room Rental

Scottsdale conference room rental

As nearly any manager knows, members of your sales team are sometimes in need of motivation. Keeping them inspired means reinforcing the fact that their contribution and participation is integral in the positive direction of company growth and decisions. Just as important is rewarding the sales reps, and what better way to encompass all aspects than with a sales team event in an offsite Scottsdale conference room rental?

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Meeting Room Essentials For Your Business Room Rentals

meeting room essentials

One business reality is that deals are often won or lost during face-to-face meetings. Forbes points out, “Meetings are important in forging relationships, sharing information, and educating teams. Unfortunately, most fail.” Conducting a successful meeting can become a hurdle due to the costs involved in maintaining a professional office that also has appropriate meeting room or conference room space. However, there are solutions that allow the smallest business to meet with clients in a professional meeting room setting without incurring large overhead expenses. Consider the benefits that come with leveraging a meeting room rental. You don’t need to own or lease the office space instead you can book the appropriate room as meetings come up. The key is making sure you book suitable Scottsdale meeting rooms tailored to your specific business needs.

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5 Benefits of Using Professional Conference Rooms in Arizona

conference rooms in arizona

If you’re in business, you know there are circumstances that require you to meet with more than one person or more than one company at a time. Maybe you need a room that can seat larger numbers that offers high tech upgrades to better communicate with your audience in a more memorable way.  What ever the case may be, there are situations that call for a more collaborative space, more seats and high quality audio-video technology.  Below you’ll learn more about the unique benefits that come with professional conference room rentals and situations that might require a business to lease a conference room.

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What Your Scottsdale Meeting Room Says About Your Business

Scottsdale Meeting Room

  What Your Scottsdale Meeting Room Says About Your Business from Advantage Office Suites What’s the first impression a client gets when they step into your office? Are they taken back with the sheer professionalism of your organization, or do they find your office space unkempt and disagreeable? Asking yourself these important questions about first impressions is important for all business owners planning on setting a meeting with a prospect at their office. Understanding what kind impression you need to make on your prospect could mean the difference between winning the trust of a potential partner, or never seeing them again. The point is, a meeting place is important, which is why it’s crucial that a business owner finds an environment that suits their business needs and is able to make a good impression on their client. So, if you plan on meeting with a client soon, here are some

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