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Client of the Month: Mango Branding

Mango Branding provides you with the best options in branded apparel and merchandise to support any type of corporate or organizational event or initiative you could imagine. Whether you are promoting a corporate wellness program, preparing for a sales conference, establishing a company store, or rewarding executives wecan create the perfect solution for you. Our objective is to make certain that your brand message is communicated the way you want to the audience you are targeting. In addition, we strive to provide you with creative and engaging products that have the highest perceived value yet stay within budget. OUR SOLUTIONS: Imprinted apparel and merchandise with your company logo or branding Corporate apparel – programs, events or promotional Promotional products Personal guidance in making your selections Artwork and design Company Stores – online stores for your employees and customers Mango Branding is ready to work with you on your next project

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Scottsdale Business Owner Tip: Should You Be Streaming?

scottsdale business owner video streaming

As a Scottsdale business owner, you know that technology has long played a hugely significant role in your success. And you also realize that keeping current with various digital trends, while still striving to maintain a personal relationship with your customers, is a challenging act of balance. With that in mind, if you’ve never broken into the world of live streaming videos, it may just prove to be the leg-up you’ve been needing for your business. Why live streaming? It’s cost-effective. Customers can easily share it. It gives your business a more personal and relatable feel. And, most importantly, it’s what your customers want. Business Wire reported last month that over two-thirds of consumers globally (67%) have watched, or streamed, live video. And from this group, 64% have interacted with advertising such as visiting the website of a featured product or clicking on an ad. And when it comes to

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Client of the Month: Institutie for Health and Productivity Management

The Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) is a non-profit global enterprise created in 1997 to establish the full value of employee health as an economic asset and investment in workplace productivity and business financial performance.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) created a Work Place Wellness Alliance (WPWA) and transitioned it to IHPM in 2013.  At the center of the Institute’s work is the realization that health, wellbeing, and productivity are global issues impacting the success of companies and nations.  IHPM WPWA champions the idea of health as human capital – and the greatest untapped source of competitive advantage in a global marketplace. The Institute helps employers to: Identify the total economic cost burden of employee health issues – especially lost productivity; Make the best investments to reduce this total cost by improving employee health and productivity; Measure their success in improved financial results and creation of a company

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Advantage Office Suites Top 4 Customer Service Tips

Customer Service

When have you received really great customer service? Chances are that it didn’t take you too long to come up with two or three instances where you were pleasantly surprised by how well you were treated by a business. Maybe you spread the word about your positive experience, and you’ll probably take your business there again. When talking about customer service, Walt Disney said it well when he instructed, “Do what you do so well they will want to see it again, and bring their friends.” So how does the customer experience you provide to your customers rank? You’re probably doing a pretty decent job of making your customers happy, but are you really doing all you can? Just in case you haven’t taken your own customer service inventory lately, we have some tips on how to spruce up your customer interactions, and to make sure that you’re the ones

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Client of the Month – May 2018 – Supreme Pools

Supreme Pools specializes in beautiful, innovative pool designs that require the highest level of construction knowledge and expertise. They work with the most creative architects, the most demanding custom home builders, and the most discerning home owners. It is their mission to not just meet your expectations, but to exceed them. For over 40 years, Supreme Pools has teamed with Arizona’s leading architects and home builders to create some of the most beautiful pools in Arizona. Whether starting with a pre-existing conceptual design or create an original award-winning concept, Supreme can manage every detail of your pool project with distinctive quality in both construction and service. Supreme Pools has been awarded over 120 local and international design awards from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP, formerly NSPI). Their projects have been featured numerous times in different national and local publications. Supreme Pools’ primary commitment is to serving their

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Plan Your Summer, Business-Style

So what are your summer plans? We’re not talking barbecues on the patio, pool parties, or trips, but rather your summer business plans. Have you decided what your summer strategy will be? Or developed a summer marketing plan? This deserves some consideration, since depending on the nature of your business, summer can be a slower time as clients may go on vacation or simply put off new projects. And with the official start of summer looming next month, there is no time to lose for you to plan and launch your summer business strategies. And in case you could use some inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas of ways you can help turn these hot months into a productive period for your business. Incentives, promotions, and swag – oh my! Summer is generally a more relaxed and fun season, so play on that with your marketing. Consider a Memorial Day

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Tax Tips for Your Small Business in Scottsdale AZ

As if Tax Day wasn’t stressful enough already. As it is, Americans can turn into little balls of tension this time of year; we lose sleep, we get stress-headaches, and we even get into more frequent car accidents. As a small business owner, you can enjoy a double-helping of the Tax Day stress thanks to the double (triple!) amount of work. And if this tax season wasn’t your finest hour, consider it a hit-home life lesson in what to do, or not to do, for next April. You probably have your own checklist of dos and don’ts for 2019 taxes (hypothetically speaking, maybe don’t keep the pile of receipts so close to the shredding pile next time), but Advantage Office Suites your Scottsdale Office Suites for Rent Location has our own tax tips that can help you and your business next year. Get some defined space, in a Scottsdale Office

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Is it Time to Go Virtual? – Virtual offices in Scottsdale

“Virtual” is virtually everywhere.  If you choose, you can eat a virtual meal in a virtual restaurant, with virtual friends, and then retreat to your virtual home and play with your virtual pet and spend time playing in a game of virtual reality. Like it or not, we’re living in a virtual world, and with increasing frequency people are relying on web-based programs for work, leisure, and other tasks. But what does the virtual world have to offer you and your business?  Sure, you’ve heard about virtual offices, but is that something that would be a good fit for your small business? Here we’ve compiled the top 5 things you need to know about virtual offices to help you figure out whether a virtual offices in Scottsdale is right for you. A real address, without a real address. With our Phoenix virtual office, you get the benefits of a legitimate

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The Advantages of Advantage Office Suites in 2018

Scottsdale Office Space

We’re guessing that you have some big aspirations for your small business for the upcoming year. Guess what? We do, too. We’re so committed to your success in 2018, that we go above and beyond in offering an impressively wide array of features and benefits to our customers who lease with us.  In fact, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your business without us. Curious about whether our leased offices are a good fit for your business? Read on and see what advantages Advantage has to offer you this year. The first glance. Will Rogers was spot-on when he said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And if an impressive impact is what you want, then Advantage Office Suites is what you need for your business. From the first look at the prominent signage advertising your business, to our classy and comfortable reception area, your

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As a small business owner, a few resolutions are just what you need.

Happy New Year . . . now let’s get busy. Before the confetti is even vacuumed out of the carpet, you should start thinking about your business’ New Year’s resolutions. Whatever your feelings about New Year’s resolutions (cliché and a waste of time? Valuable motivational tools that can really spark some positive change?), chances are, as a small business owner, a few resolutions are just what you need. A resolution is, after all, simply a dedication to improve something; an opportunity to take an unbiased look at what’s working for your business, and what’s not. In case you could use a little Resolution Inspiration, we’ve devised a list of our Top 7 Small Business Resolutions for 2018. Resolve to create balance. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is worth the effort. Learn a new skill in 2018. Dedicate one night per week as a Family Night, and another to spending time

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