Best Office Decorating Styles to Stay Relaxed at Work

best office decorating styles

best office decorating stylesFor most people, the words “work” and “relaxation” are on opposite ends of a spectrum. Being in the office may feel like you are saddled with constant stress. There’s always a project to work on and an unhappy client to deal with. In your day-to-day duties, you may feel like a robot, constantly living the same day over and over.

While you likely cannot change your schedule or responsibilities, there are other ways to achieve workplace relaxation. It all comes down to what your office looks like. Here are some of the best office decorating styles to relieve stress and allow for relaxation, even while you’re working.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Offices and cubicles tend to look like some of the most boring places imaginable. This design is intentional, with the goal to relieve workers of any distractions from their job. Unfortunately, this also means there are no distractions from the stress that comes along with the work. If you want to break up the monotony, personalize your workspace.

Colorful, happy photos of friends and family can bring a smile to your face, relieving stress. Keeping pictures of your family can also be a gentle reminder of why you are working so hard, which can be motivating. Little knick-knacks can also serve as reminders of happy times outside the office, especially if they are souvenirs from a particularly memorable vacation. If you need a little more motivation, try inspirational quotes on a calendar or sticky notes can keep your spirits lifted.

Clean Up Your Space

When you are stressed out, even the smallest things can escalate the emotion quickly. For many, this includes something as simple as not remembering where the latest memo or order form went. What should be a rather insignificant inconvenience can suddenly feel like the worst thing that could have happened.

A clean, orderly desk can help you relax. When everything is where it should be, the workflow continues seamlessly. Plus, with a clutter-free desk, it is much easier to steal a glance at your photos, knick-knacks and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and tranquil. The act of cleaning your desk may be a de-stressor as well, as this accomplishment may help you calm down and see that everything will work out.

Keep a Flower Nearby

Having a loved one buy you a bouquet of flowers can be a pleasant surprise and may help you reduce your stress levels. Instead of waiting on this to happen, however, you can buy a potted flower or plant yourself. The vibrant colors can brighten up an otherwise dull office. In addition, plants give off oxygen, which can help you relax and focus better.

If you don’t want the responsibility of keeping a plant alive, try a miniature Zen garden. These small sandboxes allow you to focus on drawing small patterns and let go of whatever is stressing you out. While you will have to return to work, momentarily forgetting about your stressors allow you to refocus and figure out a way to tackle your duties in a proficient manner.

Even if you work remotely, an Arizona virtual address for business in today’s day and age will help you stay relaxed, while different virtual office space designs similar to the ones above can help you maximize your work time.


Advantage Office Suites can help you get situated with an executive office that has every amenity and feature you need to run your business. Call Advantage Office Suites today at (480) 305-2000 for more information or request a quick quote.

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