To App or Not to App?

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So you’ve got your business license and business plan. You even have Scottsdale office space that you secured through Advantage Office Suites to make your business plan happen. So now what? What is the best way to attract customers? Gone are the days where businesses can grow through word of mouth alone or even through a catchy website or ad. Today, if you want your business to be successful, it might be necessary to tap into the app world.

Up until even a few years ago, many small businesses believed that getting an app was an excessive luxury; too expensive to hire an app developer, and too complicated to tackle independently. Now, app-development programs allow business owners to take on the app-building task in a much more affordable and feasible way.

Still not sure? Consider the fact that about 75% of Americans check their smartphones at least once per hour, and 90% of that phone use involves app utilization. In fact, Americans now spend more time looking at their phones than they do watching television. Given this smartphone use surge, it makes sense that small businesses looking to grow would want a piece of that action.

If you’re curious to see just how feasible it is for you to build your own app, check out these DIY app building sites:

  • Bizness Apps will provide small business owners with a customize-it-yourself template with a variety of features. This company prides itself on being user friendly. Compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Shoutem has small businesses in mind with its very mission statement. They state that, “Currently, mobile app development is expensive, time consuming and a privilege of well-funded companies”  and they believe they are the answer to this problem. App users can take advantage of special deals, chat capabilities, loyalty programs, and check-ins.
  • Appsheet allows you to build an app starting with a spreadsheet, and is compatible with Google Docs, with no need to write code.

(Hint: customers often respond more favorably to a business with a tangible address. Our Scottsdale offices for rent can be your physical, or virtual, office for receiving mail, business hour walk-ins, and call-handling.)

Clutch, a business-centered research company revealed the top 3 reasons that owners of small businesses decided to take the app plunge:

Improve the customer experience

Apps focus on retaining and rewarding loyal clientele. If customers believe that they’ll be better served by sticking with your company and using your app, then that’s what they’ll do.

Be strong contender in your market

If apps are the up-and-coming way for businesses to survive, then you want to have a stand-out app in your specific market. As more and more businesses develop and implement apps, you want to make sure your clientele stays loyal to your app, and your business.

Increase sales

This is perhaps the biggest reason to implement an app for your business. Things to feature in your app include quick checkout capability, convenient shopping, deal and sale alerts, and business events.
If you’ve been intimidated by the thought of building an app for your business before, now might be the time to take the app plunge. With smartphone usage continually increasing, you don’t want to be left behind.

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